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Green Tea Anti-Oxidant Moisturizing Lotion



  • Silky, fast absorbing body lotion
  • Helps restore and maintain a healthy skin barrier function while preventing moisture loss.
  • Specially formulated to deliver a blend of nourishing, protective antioxidants, along with emollients to help smooth and soften dry, irritated skin.


Formulation Highlights

  • Penetrating lipids: Ceramide-2 and Sterols
  • Antioxidant blend, including: Green Tea Polyphenols, Caffeine USP, Bisabolol and Resveratrol
  • Enriched with humectants: Hyaluronic acid and Yucca polysaccharides
  • Fortified with emollients: Glycerin and Squalane
  • Gluten, Paraben, Oil and Fragrance-free
  • Non-comedogenic (will not clog pores)
  • Ideal for all skin types


Directions for use

  • Apply to skin once or twice daily or as directed by your physician.
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